In 1970 L.H. Harms founded Life & Property Security Systems Inc. following his retirement from federal law enforcement. Harms continued as president of Life & Property Security Systems Inc. until 1986 when the company was purchased by John Knox (an employee at the time) and William Tilley. John Knox began his career with Life & Property Security Systems Inc. as a technician in 1984 while attending the University of Tennessee in Knoxville for a degree in Electrical Engineering. Knox acquired full ownership of Life & Property Security Systems Inc. with Tilleys passing in 1989.

Our company serves a client base of upscale residential, commercial and industrial homes and businesses in East Tennessee. As our company celebrates over 46 years in business we are proud to be recognized by our clients and competitors as a highly respected security provider. We strive to maintain an excellent reputation within our industry that is built on quality customer service.

As new technologies are presented we embrace them and grow our company with them. We have elected to represent state of the art security systems, fire systems, CCTV, outdoor systems, access control systems, intrusion control systems, lighting control, hi-speed cabling that is structured for the homes of the future and hi-quality custom audio video systems/home theatres.

While other companies utilize telemarketing and soliciting, Life & Property Security Systems Inc. has never used these marketing techniques. We choose to continue OUR MISSION of providing one-on-one customer service and affordable products met with professional workmanship. All is reflected through our customer growth.

Life & Property Security Systems Inc. is a highly respected company that you can trust to provide you with one-stop shopping for your security, fire and high-tech wiring needs.

Johns only child and successor to ownership of Life and Property Security Systems Inc., Jason D. Knox, began working full time for the company in 2008 after graduation. Jason strives to continue his fathers mission of proving excellent, affordable services met with professional workmanship.

In 2008, due to the changing industry and now offering more then just security system services, John and Jason decided to re-name Life and Property Security Systems Inc. into Knox Integrated Systems.



John D. Knox

Throughout his years of work John Knox has been active in the Electronic Security Association. Such as being President of the Tennessee Electronic Security Association to being President of the United States Electronic Security Association to countless years with the industries Legislative Liaison on Capital Hill. John fought to promote electronic security companies, keeping licenses and background checks up to the industry's standards.